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A Reliable Handyman

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A Reliable Handyman has been a great client to work with and we are proud of the results we were able to produce for them.

We boosted their social views by 200% and their organic calls by 15%. As a result of email marketing and social media their website also saw a 130% increase in monthly visitors!

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What We Did For Them

Social Media

We post 3 times a week on their social page. Although they don't have many customers we were able to boost their customer return rate by posting consistently.

Website Maintenance 

Their website was not properly maintained and would go down for a day every now and then, ever since we became their managers their website has never been down!

Email Marketing

Their goal was to get customers to return to them for services in the future, not only did we post on social media we also started an email list for them to send email campaigns to their clients!

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