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How Succeed in Business? (Tips form Arlan Hamilton)

Arlan Hamilton is an influential entrepreneur. What can we take away from her to help us on our journey to success?

"We don't just sit around and wait for other people. We just make and we, do"

- Arlan Hamilton

Do these successful people have superpowers? Are they hiding something we don't know?

The simple answer is no. These people don’t have some superhuman powers, they are the same as you and I. But why the difference in success? I have three answers…

If you research any successful entrepreneurs you will find that they never stop learning. They don’t just go to school their whole life, instead, they learn a skill that helps overcome a problem. The other day I had to create a landing page for one of my clients on WordPress(I have no idea how to use WordPress). Instead of just giving up I taught myself. Boom, obstacle overcome! Instead of giving up next time you have a problem, learn the solution to it.

Read read read! This is a hard one for me. I love reading. As a kid, that's all I would ever do… I would run through 40 books over 3 summer months(all 500+ page books). But now I never find the time to do it so instead I got an audible subscription and that has helped me dramatically! Whenever I commute or play video games(yes I pay Minecraft) I just pop on an audiobook! Most people are already driving to work and playing video games, so why not? What have you got to lose? Some say that they "don’t have the money" and that's not a good excuse. You can go to the library or get the ‘Libby’ app on your phone and access audiobooks and e-books! Start devouring literature today, if you don’t know any good books let me know, and I can give some suggestions.

Join local and online communities that discuss what you struggle with and give entrepreneurial advice! I post consistently and would be honored if you were to join the Expand Media community! Why struggle with a mistake that someone has gone through or found a solution for? You can probably tell that this is my favorite one because I am very active in online communities! Join our Facebook group community:

Remember that success is achieved and not just received my chance! Keep me posted on how it's going for you, if you're still struggling comment on this post and we’ll give you support! Thank you for reading, Peace.

How do you Succeed?

  • It's just by chance. I hope I'm lucky;)🤞

  • Achieved by work and learning from others!

Start on Your Journey to Success!

Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not start today? Check out the video below to learn how you can boost your conversions and get more leads on social media!

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