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Top 7 Google My Business features you are missing out on! (for business owners)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Google My Business has been around since 2014. It provides a free and effective way to show your business to more clients in your area. Businesses that have established a good foundation on the platform have been successful in generating free leads. A study showed that 80% of people use their phones to search for businesses in their area. Out of those, 78% convert into customers.

If you haven't been taking advantage of a Google My Business Profile you are missing out on free customers! Setting up a profile can be hard, the last thing you want is your customers being confused with your profile and not buying from you! This is why we offer a Google Business Profile setup. Get your first week for free! Schedule a call with one of our staff today to claim your free trial!

Stick around to the end to find out the one thing most people miss out on in Google Business Profiles! Without further adieu, let's jump into number one!

1. Descriptions

This is the main feature of Google My Business and yet most people either don't have one or do it wrong! Having a good description of your business on your profile is crucial to having any success with your profile.

Use this space in your profile to describe your business in 750 characters (not words) or less. This can be challenging if you are not sure what you are doing. When I set up profiles for people I dedicate some time to sit down and see what other businesses in the same category are writing in their descriptions. After I get a good idea of what to write I come up with an original description for my client's business profile. Never just copy and paste your competitor's description, this is a mistake many people do! Instead, use it as an example to go off of.

You want to include as much information as possible while keeping it as simple as possible (again, looking at other profiles really helps with this). You want to make a clear point of what you're selling...

Here is an example "[name of business] is a locally owned and operated [what you offer] company based in [your location]"

When you finish your description you always want to include a call to action or "next step" for your client.

For example; "Call [phone number] or visit [website] to get a free estimate!"

You probably think you have a great description. But I suggest that you check your business profile description, which you probably haven't seen in a long time;) Using the information you just learned I guarantee that there is something you can improve!

2. Q & A

Many businesses overlook this great opportunity to answer questions that they get asked often. As a business owner, you have experienced the annoyance of answering the same question to 50 different people. Next time you see a recurring question write it down somewhere so you can add it to your Q & A on your page

You can also look at what your competitors put in their Q & A sections. Like with any research it is very time-consuming but I still do it for all of my clients because it is very effective.

3. Contact Information

You might say, "I already know and use this feature, why are you telling me this?". Yes, you are probably using this... but are you using it to its full potential?

Most of my clients forget to add an email or misspell a phone number. You want to include all the ways of contact that Google lets you put on your profile. According to over 81% of small businesses, customers come in through email. This means that if you only have your phone number listed, you are missing out on a lot of leads.

4. Analytics

Analytics is a great way to see how you are doing. Most people don't even know that Google gives you analytics for Business Profiles. The reason I wanted to talk about this is that Google has a very good analytics interface that shows you a lot of helpful information that you can use for many different things.

Here are some of the things you can do with your Google Analytics from your Google My Business Profile:

  • Look at the type of people that show interest in your business/product

  • Use the information to target specific audiences with your ads

  • Go back and see what you did that boosted your performance/views

I can keep going forever... Google Analytics is a very important part of any successful marketing strategy which is why I spend a lot of time studying them when I do marketing for any business.

5. Chat

This is a new feature that Google added just recently, which is why it made it on this list.

First of all, why would you want to add a live chat feature to your business profile? I can give you a list of all the benefits but that doesn't really matter. What matters is the profit it brings. According to analytics, adding a live chat to your business profile increases your conversion rate by 40%!!! That is crazy, but you know what is even crazier... it's the fact that no one is using this feature! If you have a Google My Business profile and you don't have this feature, schedule a 15min call with me today and I will hook you up with one. According to my previous clients, you won't be disappointed!

6. Video/Photo

Adding visual content to your profile is another thing that Business Owners don't take seriously. And no, adding a crummy photo of your business at a weird angle is not the type of content I'm talking about! You want to make good-quality photos of your business because photos are going to bring legitimacy to your brand/business.

Please don't go out shelling out hundreds of dollars on a flashy camera that you don't know how to use. Your phone will be more than plenty for a simple but catchy photo of your business! If you don't know how to take good photos just let me know and I will guide you step by step on how to make amazing content using your phone!

For those who really don't have the time to learn, you can either hire my team to come out and get a shoot of your business or get another photographer to do the job.

But don't stop at photos, video can also be a huge part of your profile! If you only have photos, no worries, my team can put together a creative video for you using any content you have!

7. Reviews

Most people think that they are just going to get Google reviews. Yes, you might get a few here and there. But if you want to see any results you are going to either hire someone or work for it! Getting reviews is not easy(like most profitable things).

Here are some ideas to help get you more reviews:

  • Add a link to your page to your email signature

  • Give your customers a business card asking them to leave you a review

  • Send postcards to previous customers

  • Send emails to the previous customer

If you haven't noticed a trend, all of these are very time-consuming which is why marketing agencies like to offer services to help make the whole process way easier! But we are different from other agencies, customer service is our priority which is why you can always send one of our marketers an email directly to their inbox or use the chat on our website. We care about our customers, and that is why we make blog posts like these to help them out.

Join forces with us and you will see results that will blow you off your feet! Schedule a 15min call today at

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