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What is the Best Social Media Platform for Your business? (And Why You Should Use it)

Facebook is the most effective social media platform that provides an all-in-one package for businesses. In this article, I will cover three reasons why you should go with

Facebook when deciding on a platform for your business.


Versatility is one of the reasons Facebook stands out amongst other platforms. It does much more than just share photos with your friends. If you take a look deeper you will find cool features like direct messaging through Facebook Messenger and pages that allow you to professionally showcase your business/page. Advertising is another great feature of the platform, it allows you to advertise to people that you know will benefit from your product/service. Being the biggest platform your money will be well worth their advertising program. Most platforms are designed to serve one purpose, whereas Facebook is constantly updated with new feature drops and improvements. Managing all of your social media in one place is very helpful, with Facebook you can do it all with just one account.


Even though Facebook has many features, user-friendliness is a factor you don’t miss out on with this feature-rich platform. As a business owner/manager you want to pick something that your customers can use. With Facebook, even customers that don’t have an account can easily create an account and learn about the platform. Having 1.96 billion daily users, Facebook drastically increases the chance that your customer already has an account and knows how to navigate the platform. Think about those 2 billion users for a sec, I don’t think all of them are tech-savvy. This gives proof that it is not hard to comment on a post or message a business. However Facebook can still be complex if you get into specific fields of the platform, but for most users, it takes very little time to master. This allows you confidently share a link with any of your customers knowing that they will be able to both use and benefit from your social page.


Being one of the biggest and most well-known platforms, Facebook provides credibility for your business. You can post photos of your previous work on your Facebook page that can give clients an idea of what they are in for. Have you ever seen one of those social link icons on a website? Having those links on your website tells search engines like Google that your business is legit and actively looking for ways to connect with its customers. Because of this Google will rank your website higher in their search results if you have an active social page linked. Getting comments from your customers is great for building confidence with your customers, but sharing those testimonials can be hard. Facebook allows you to share them with a simple link to your post. When customers see “” they don’t hesitate to click on it, but something like “” looks a bit more sketchy. The last thing you want is to lose customers because they don’t trust the link you send them.

Choosing a platform can be hard, but with Facebook on the table, it's a no-brainer. This platform is feature-rich, easy to use, and safe for you and your customers making it the ideal choice to promote your business, increase leads, and boost your online appearance.

Don't stop here! Now that you know what platform you want to use... Get going! Make a Facebook page for your business. If you don't have the time or knowledge schedule a free 15min call with one of our staff today to see what we have to offer!

Will you use Facebook for Business?

  • Yes! It sounds amazing, I'm 100% going to give it a shot!

  • NO, I like other platforms more...

Don't Stop here, keep learning!

Learn 7 Crucial Tips to Get Clients on Social Media by watching the video below!

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