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Why are Google Reviews Important? (and how to get them)

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

You have probably had people tell you that you need to get Google reviews for your business. You might have tried to do it but haven't really understood why you were doing it. In this article, I will cover some of the reasons you should strive to get more reviews on Google. Let's get into it!


Reviews are proof that you are a legit business that has had previous customers that are satisfied. Think of this article as a business... If I only share what I believe it is not as credible as when I add a photo, statistic, or second opinion.

Reviews can also be looked at as a group of people saying your services/products are well worth their money. For example; let's say you are looking for a flashlight on Amazon. The seller is telling you about all the cool features and specs of their flashlight. But, the product is rated 3 stars by 200 people. That is 200 people who bought the product and are not satisfied. Even though the seller says this is the best flashlight on Amazon, the reviews contradict it. So what do you do? Most people just continue searching for a different product until I find one that has good ratings. That is why the "Amazon Choice" and "Best Seller" products have good reviews! You can use advertising and marketing strategies but nothing works as well as a crowd saying you are amazing at what you do!


You might wonder, "what does ranking have to do with Google reviews?". Well, when Google sees that people like what you have to offer they take that into account so next time someone searches "Plumber near me" they will put you first because you have 400 people saying you are a great plumber.

Why would you want to be the first one to show up? There are many benefits to being first on Google search results, that topic is for another article. Subscribe to my newsletter and social channels so you don't miss when I drop that post!

Not only will this boost your Google Business Profile, but it will also rank your business website higher generating more free traffic!


I could not write an article about Google reviews and not mention marketing, this is one of the most important reasons to get Google reviews! Here are a few of the ways you can use Google reviews:

  • Running advertising campaigns with a customer's Google review that tells all the people that see your ad you are a great business.

  • When you get a Google review it lasts forever! With most advertising, you run a campaign and you get instant results. Reviews will generate customers for free as long as your business is running!

  • You can add customers reviews to your social posts on Instagram and Facebook

  • You might not have a testimonial page on your website, well with reviews you can implement those right into your website!

What next?

Now that you know why your business needs Google reviews, how do you achieve that? Getting reviews is a hassle that is very time-consuming which is why we offer review generation for businesses like you that help you beat your competitors while not spending your time learning how to get reviews. We have worked with all kinds of businesses and have seen amazing results with lead generation! We would love to have a 15min call with you where will discuss our plan to get your business more reviews on Google! Schedule a call today!

Are You Inspired to Get More Reviews?

  • Yes, this article is amazing!

  • Nope, reviews are still dumb

Don't Stop here, keep learning!

Learn 7 Crucial Tips to Get Clients on Social Media by watching the video below!

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